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    I love pulse grenades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Grenades are awesome, unfortunately most pub games don't use them right. Same goes for mines, I always laugh when I see them in the middle of the floor. Who's that mine intended for? The dumbest player on the team? Why waste 5 res on a guy who can't see something in plain site or doesn't know what it is?

    I personally favour pulse grenades, killed a lot of lerks that way. I've found that cluster grenades only work on pre-crag skulks or in the rare situation when a team is co-ordinated enough to buy lots of them.

    I like to buy nerve gas grenades sometimes and charge a hive solo drop them and run away to kill a natural. There's always at least two guys who will respond to the attack only to find no one around. Totally worth 3 res for a good lol. If you're lucky it'll be a lerk who loses some armor from it before trying to hunt you down and you can pop him.

    Best part of grenades though is they aren't tied to a specific path. Not even mines are quite as open ended.

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    Grenades are a horrific waste of res no matter which way you look at it. In the amount of time you took to throw a grenade you could have done the equivalent damage or more with a plain rifle. There are only a select few situations where grenades are useful, if you don't already have AA, 1. clog walls with crag, 2. if you don't have the res for a shotty but want to waste res trying to kill a shitty lerk who falls for a pulse grenade ploy. All in all I think grenades are rather pointless for the cost, I get much more utility out of the welder and it can be picked up if I die.
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    Tech choices never are the problem, really. Like any other competitive game, it comes down to the teamwork and skill of the players using it. I mean, you can do some pretty crazy shit in this game. As long as the team is glued together on the same page and hammering away at it hard, you can make most strategies work tbh.

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    Can you kill more skulks with a shotgun in one life or grenades in six lives? (assuming you only grab gear on spawn and the shotgun is lost on drop)

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    Honestly, I don't much care for grenades. A group of people standing in a hallway chucking cluster grenades into a room is nothing but a timesink. Just about the only feasible situation I can see grenades being useful in is for zoning out an onos with nerve gas. It's not going to stop an onos, but it might make him hesitant to engage, which in turn buys your team time to back you up.

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    They're not much of a priority for me when I comm, or I just forget they exist. Between redropping res nodes, issuing commands to push/lane, and getting W/A upgrades and phase tech, I easily forget to research them. They're great for clearing tunnels (mezzanine from hub) or for clearing a phase gate kamikaze-style. I also find them clunky to use (is there a binding for chucking grenade without switching weapons?)

    Does a grenade go off if you die after pulling the pin but before throwing the grenade?

    I'm also a bit of a purist and think if a marine needs grenades he probably doesn't deserve them. I dunno.

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    Grenades have very few uses outside of clearing massive swarm type infections. While relatively inexpensive early game grenades are not useful as skulks are in general traveling in small groups of 1-2. Once your throw your grenade there is 3 p.res gone, it is not permanent as a welder or shotgun where you may "refill" it. It is a turnoff to have something pop so quickly. It would be similar if Hydra's died after a minute or so, worthless.
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